Are you an editor looking for experience?
Are you creative?
Do you love to read?

Writing Belle Publishing is always looking for upcoming, fresh editors. Editorial jobs are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is a freelance position. You will be paid according to the difficulty of the service you provide.

A guideline and rate sheet is available upon request.

To be added to the list of editors for Writing Belle Publishing's projects, email us and attach your resume and cover letter, addressed to Ms. Lane. 

We are looking for editors with a background in proofing/editing or publishing. We also accept college students who are working toward an English degree. 

Writing Belle Publishing's Editorial Team would love to work with you.

Like editors, we are always eager to meet and work with artists and illustrators. Writing Belle Publishing has worked with a variety of artists from around the world over the years. We are interested in cover artists and illustrators who are able to create promotional pieces and product designs. 

We are also interested in artists or designers with samples of their work. We look for fresh, fun and clean artists who can work quickly and efficiently. 

If interested, email a cover letter and resume to our publishing department. 

We will consider adding you to our artistic development team.

If you love to read books before the rest of the public, sign up for Writing Belle Publishing's proofing team. 

We are currently open to accepting proofreaders for the next 6 months. 

The qualifications are simple: 

Read the book in a timely manner. 

Share with no one. 

Share honest feedback with WB. 

Post a fair and balanced review online, if you can! 

That's it! 

Reviewers who fail to follow through with their end of the agreement will be removed from the proofing list after two chances. 

Sign up through our contact form.

Include your name, email and preferred reading format.


(We only ship paperback proofs within the U.S.)

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