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At Writing Belle Publishing, we believe that it's important to craft not only a compelling story, but a high-quality one. If you are looking for someone to edit your manuscript at an affordable price, you've come to the right place. While some editorial companies will offer proofs and basic edits of books at thousands of dollars, we cut that number into a fraction. We understand that authors are on a budget, and what's more: they are looking to MAKE money with their writing, not LOSE it. 

Below is a list of our basic editing services, as well as information about our professional consultations and publicity services. If you're interested, simply head to the contact page and inquire there. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Basic Editing. This is a combination of searching for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and a basic review of the plot. $100 per 100 pages. Prices are negotiable to an extent. 


Basic proofread. A read-through of your manuscript from a reader's perspective, offering commentary and corrections. $100 flat fee. If your book exceeds 300 pages, it will be an additional $50 per 100 pages.


Story Editing. This is an edit where we look at the story, characters, and elements of your plot. We offer suggestions and critiques that will tighten your work and make it shine. $100 flat fee. For a book that exceeds 300 pages, an additional $50 per 100 pages will be charged.


Resume Writing. Are you looking to write a resume that shines? We will take your information and format it into a dazzling representation of your strengths! $50.


Cover Letter. Are you looking to write a cover letter for a job application or a manuscript? We can help. We will assist you in writing a professional piece of writing that will make your name stand apart from the rest. $50. (Can be combined with a resume service for $100) 


Professional Consultation. Looking to publish a book or start an online business? Speak on the phone or via email with Summer Lane. 50-75 questions are allowed per consultation. $150.


Publicity Strategy. Do you have a book? Is it failing to perform as well as you'd hope? Don't despair. We can come up with a marketing and publicity strategy that will take your work as an author to the next level. $150.


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